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West Wind Web Surge Professional-crack

West Wind Web Crack: We think it should be easy to try HTTP requests and test a domain through freight. Setup and operation should take a few minutes throughout the development process to check the overall performance of your websites when they are created. Professional for  Web Surge We have developed  Surge for developers and testers to simplify the creation of HTTP requests or entire sessions,

then easily download the two individual URLs to verify APIs or answers or to download complete pressure checks under difficult conditions Charge. It is easy to divide the classes which can be indisputable text files that can be saved to disk with initiatives, shared folders or a garage of cloud drives, or to access all customers by manipulating the offer.

We designed West Wind WebSurge Activation key with developers and testers in mind to make it easier to create HTTP requests or entire sessions, then render individual URLs for APIs or response tests or for full stress tests under high load. It is easy to share sessions which are plain text files that can be saved to the hard drive with projects, shared folders, or cloud storage, or via source control for all users.

If you are an organization using Chocolatey, we want your experience to be absolutely reliable. Due to the nature of this standard offer to the public, reliability cannot be guaranteed. The packages offered here are subject to distribution rights. This means that you may need to go further to official websites on the Internet to download files at runtime.

West Wind Web Surge Professional Activation Key Features:

  • So Clean to grasp, clean to carry out checks.
  • So Integrate the capture device to capture requirements.
  • But Capture Internet browsers or Windows applications for your home.
  • So Use the area or identity of the process to suppress acquisitions.
  • Because of  Surge Professional Full Version 1.16.0 Import Fiddler classes.
  • But Create and modify periods manually.
  • All HTTP and SSL help.
  • So Take a look at the HTML, Ajax, relaxation, and cleansing soap offers.
  • But Check out the URLs for men or women.
  • Because Look at yourself with an unlimited charge.
  • So Clean to check the summary results.
  • But Diagrams to visualize the results.
  • So Export the consequences in XML, JSON, HTML.
  • But Test nationally and in your firewall / VPN.
  • So West Wind Web Surge Professional Free Download Command Line Interface.
  • But Ideal for HTTP requests to try and manage.
  • So easy to capture, easy to run tests
  • Because  Built-in capture tool to capture requests
  •  Capture Web browsers or Windows apps
  •  Filter captures by domain or process Id
  •  Import sessions from Fiddler
  •  Manually create and edit sessions
  •  Complete HTTP and SSL Support
  •  Test HTML, AJAX, REST, and SOAP Services
  •  Test individual URLs

West Wind Web Surge Professional-key

  •  Test with unlimited load
  •  Easy to read summarized results
  •  Charts to visualize results
  •  Export results to XML, JSON, Html
  •  Test locally and within your Firewall/VPN
  •  Command Line Interface
  •  Great for HTTP Request testing and managing

What’s new in:

  • But Are you looking for a free performance test tool for your testing needs? Even if you don’t have the experience/experts in Apache Jmeter or SOAPUI or LoadUI.
  • Then you should definitely check out this tool called West Wind’s WebSurge.
  • WebSurge is an open-source product licensed from West Wind.
  • It records/records HTTP requests and sessions for load tests. It also supports command line operations like Jmeter.
  • WebSurge has a clean and minimal user interface, just like Jmeter.
  • There are two tabs on the left: Session and Results.
  • In the right pane, you will see four tabs: Exit, Preview, Request, Session Options.
  • Directly under the “File” menu, you will see the options “Open session”, “Start / Stop”, “Export results” and “Graphics”. Just below, you can set the time and the number of threads.
  • There will also be a console icon to show/hide. I hosted an example application locally.


To open the home page, select the GET request type, enter the URL below and optionally enter the logical name:

  • So If you want to customize the headers, you can add them in the Headers text box.
  • Once the details have been entered, click on the Test button to test them, then click on the Save button to save the request.
  • But Once the session options are configured, the next step is to configure the duration and the number of threads.
  • So In this example, I will run my test with 2 threads/users for 1 minute.
  • But Change the value accordingly as shown below.
  • Because With WebSurge, you can export results in three different formats: WebSurge, JSON and XML.
  • So You can open the WebSurge file in any text editor. It stores all requests and responses to each request.
  • But If the duration of your test is long, the file size will increase proportionally.

How To Install West Wind Web Crack:

  • Download from the links below.
  • extract the archive using the Winrar software on your PC.
  • Run the setup.exe file.
  • close the program and run it again.
  • enjoy the Full Version.


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